Diamond, Aquamarine and Sapphire Bangle

  • 18k yellow gold and sterling silver
  • Hand made in India

The Magic of Mughal Jewelry

The ancient rulers of India and their penchant for exquisite jewels is legendary. Sumptuous stones anchoring bold designs are signatures of Mughal-dynasty creations in particular. For the Maharajas of the time, the rarity of materials and audacious composition went hand-in-hand. The Mughal era began in the 1500s and spanned nearly two centuries. Authoritative design flourished and the majestic creations then produced are still regarded as the most iconic and valuable of Indian jewels. Descendants and celebrated disciples of these artisans are celebrated keepers of the craft - many generations later.

I sat side-by-side with the late Ambaji Shinde, one of the most famous designers of royal jewels. He was brought to America as lead designer for the House of Harry Winston, sought-after for his skill and hired by Mr. Winston himself.  Shinde, as we called him, taught me about the Indian royals and their expressions of wealth and tradition through jewelry. This bold, brilliant bangle is the embodiment of the Mughal aesthetic and was made for me by a family friend of Mr. Shinde.

Over the years, it has added drama to my denim and been the show-stopping hero on my wrist for celebrated black tie occasions. The warm sun-kissed diamonds, sky-blue aquamarines and sapphires are expertly set in black rhodium, giving this treasure its cool, contrasting, authentically royal essence.

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