Pink and multi-color Tourmaline Heart Ring

  • 18k gold
  • Size 8

From Brazil with Love

About ten years ago, I met a well-known Brazilian jewelry designer.  She wore a 100-carat pear-shaped yellow quartz around her neck, and this stunning heart-shaped pink tourmaline ring on her finger. Color is king for tourmalines, which are naturally nuanced, and found in more color hues than any other precious gem. This luscious raspberry color is perfection. Needless to say, I bought both pieces from her!  Brazilians wear large gemstones in fabulous colors. And they wear them all the time - everyday life for them is a celebration. When I showed the ring to my mother, she fell in love with its striking hue and heart-shape. Yes - I gave it to her then and there! She has worn and treasured it for nearly a decade. 

Recently, my mother suggested she was wearing jewelry less these days, and that I help this treasure find its way to someone who will wear and enjoy it as much as she has. After all, beautiful jewelry is made to be worn!   This cocktail ring has adorned and been adored by many women as passionate as its color and unique as its shape - each one cherishing the opportunity to call it their own.

Please inquire by emailing if you are interested in purchasing this one of a kind piece.

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